Fire Dampers


Optimized rectangular fire damper with a fire resistance up to 120 minutes, available in small dimensions. Fire dampers are passive fire protection products used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems to prevent the spread of fire to adjacent rooms through the ductwork. A fire damper activates when the heat from the fire causes the normal temperature of a room to rise. Their goal is to restore the fire resistance grade of the penetrated wall and to prevent smoke reaching other rooms. Fire dampers are distinguished by their degree of fire resistance, by their aeraulic properties and by their ease of installation. They can be equipped with different types of mechanisms, depending on the specific needs related to the project or local regulations. Buildings around the world are safer today thanks to fire damper technology. Whatever your dynamic fire damper or H.V.A.C. needs are, look no further.Our Hygiene Tested fire dampers comply with the official hygiene requirements specified by the applicable ventilation and air conditioning standards and regulation .One of the most established and globally accepted hygienic air handling unit certifications and is the Eurovent Certified Performance for Hygienic Air Handling Units. This certification is generally appreciated, and is a common reference for engineers, planners, and installers. For some countries there are (additional) local hygienic guideline. In Germany, for instance, they follow the VDI 6022-1 for general ventilation and lower healthcare applications or the DIN 1946-4 codes. Additional local standards include, among others, the HTM 03-01 for the UK, the PZH Attest Higieniczny for Poland and the SWKI VA 104-01 (similar to VDI) for Switzerland.