Passive Fire Protection

Passive Fire Protection

Intumescent fire resistant coatings are paint like coatings that are applied to structural steel members. Intumescent can take several forms; in general they are paint, though they may also be mastic or foam composite. The final thickness of these coatings typically ranges from 0.03 inches to 0.50 inches. The coatings are designed to provide insulation to the steel in the event of fire. The intumescent coating is intended to provide an insulating barrier between fire and the structural steel. The insulating barrier is necessary to ensure the structural performance of the steel members at the temperatures anticipated during a fully developed fire. Intumescent coating can give up to 120 minutes fire protection.

Fire Curtain

A fire curtain is a fire safety measure curtain that activate in case of a fire, creating a fire resistant barrier that guards and separates a section of a building from fire damage. It prevents spreading fire from one area to another.


Smoke Curtain

Smoke Curtains prevent the passage of smoke since it create a barrier against the spread of smoke and can be either stationary or automatically deployed when a fire is detected. They are usually installed in commercial properties, such as shopping malls, airports, Hangars etc. They are generally installed in such a way that it pushes smoke to a ventilation system.

Rolling Shutters

CBD is the leading supplier of rolling shutters and steel louvered doors. Our manually operated shutters are installed with the latest spring systems available on the market which ensures that even large shutters can be lifted with minimal effort. NAFFCO’s electrically operated shutters are unmatched in roller shutter door security. We supply all different types doors such as exterior louvered doors and commercial louvered doors. Large areas can be covered with just one shutter. Group controls and relays can operate multiple installations simultaneously. Fire ratings of up to 120 minutes (under UL listing) and 240 minutes (under BS listing) can be met.


  • Manually operated
  • Electrically operated
  • High-speed


  • Warehouses and industrial facilities.