Fire Detection System

Fire Detection System

Fire pump is a part of fire sprinkler system’s water supply. When the pressure in sprinkler system risers and standpipes drops below a threshold, fire pump starts to provide water flow at a higher pressure. Powered by electric motor or diesel engine, fire pump contains below 4 main types: horizontal split case fire pump, end suction fire pump, vertical in-line fire pump, and vertical turbine fire pump. They are centrifugal pumps with high efficiency at transferring water over a wide range of flow and pressure. A Jockey pump is a small multistage centrifugal pump connected to a branch fire pipeline to maintain system pressure to a high level. Hexagon Engineering & Planning supplies fire pump in UL Listed / FM Approved and Jockey pump in CE approved.


• UL 864 9th Edition Listed
• Seismic certified
• Digital Analog design using Hochiki’s advanced DCP protocol for fast and robust communication
• Up to 127 sensors & modules, plus 127 digital analog sounder bases, for a total of 254 points possible per loop
• Uses standard wire, no shielded or twisted pair required on SLC loops
• Supports Class B (style 4) and Class A (style 6 or 7) SLC loops
• 4 on board Class B (style Y) NAC circuits rated at 2.5 Amps each
• Programmable sensitivity levels per device & automatic day/night sensitivity modes
• Automatic daily calibration & drift compensation routine
• Large 8-line x 40-character LCD (320 char.)
• 2 loop (FN-2127 Series) or 4 loop (FN-4127 Series) versions (800 addresses/sub-addr. max.)


The Hochiki ATJ-EA Fixed Temperature / Rate of Rise sensors provide accurate temperature measurement data to the fire alarm control panel. These sensors are well-suited for environments where dust, cooking fumes or other factors make the use of smoke sensors impractical.

• Low profile – only 2.00″ high, including base
• Simple and reliable device addressing method
• Uses the noise immune Digital Communication
• Protocol (DCP), which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires
• Rate of rise temperature threshold = 15°F/min (determined by panel)
• Adjustable threshold temperature = 135°F – 190°F (determined by panel)
• UL maximum spacing of 70 feet


The Hochiki ACD-V Multi-Criteria Sensor is particularly suited for detecting smoke produced by the wide range of combustibles found in various applications. Temperature monitoring is achieved by thermistors placed for optimum sensitivity. Also, the sensor is suited for detecting deadly levels of carbon monoxide (CO). Hochiki’s unique design allows fast response to flaming/smoldering fires and carbon monoxide levels while minimizing nuisance alarms. The ACD-V is fully compatible with today’s enhanced FireNET Plus Controls and Loop Explorer II Software.
• Low profile – only 2” high
• Simple and reliable device addressing
• Supports 16 operational modes
• Automatic compensation for sensor contamination
• Built-in fire test feature
• Uses the noise-immune Digital Communication Protocol (DCP),
which utilizes interrupts for fast response to fires
• Two built-in power/alarm LEDs
• Programmable non-polling LEDs
• Non-directional smoke chamber
• Vandal resistant security locking feature
• 10 years CO sensor life span*
•     * Detectors must be replaced after 10 years from date of manufacturing