Fire Damper Cartridges


Fire damper cartridge is a compact fire-resistant product made for easy installation in circular ducts with diameters up to 200mm. A rubber seal holds it in place, and in case of fire the intumescent material expands to perfectly seal the cartridge in place, thus preventing the propagation of smoke and flames. Our suppliers have 2 versions; the standard fire damper cartridge and the cartridge equipped with a finishing ventilation valve for installation at duct ends. These products are always equiped with a fusible link and they are available in 60, 90 or 120 minute fire resistance versions.

Cilindrical fire damper used for the isolation of duct penetrations between fire compartments. Short casing, fuse only and certified to 120 minutes.ø100mm / Fire resistance certified to 120 minutes / According EN 15650: 2010