Air Curtains


An air curtain utilizes fans to project a high velocity jet of air in a vertical or horizontal direction over an opening, usually a doorway. They create an air barrier that separates two environments and the transfer of air between them. It offers significant energy savings by protecting the air conditioned internal climate, whether that is cooled or heated. In addition to hot or cold air draughts, it keeps out insects, dust and odours. They can be stand-alone or ceiling recessed and can also feature heaters to create additional comfort to people passing under.There are different sizes available for air curtains. The location will determine the size of the air curtain. The size of the entrance will select the size of the air curtain you will need to get. The air curtains will help save energy as it reduces consumption; it will also keep bugs out of the space.

  • The air recirculation air curtains
  • The non-air recirculation air curtains