Elementor #2085


We are design, manufacturing, supply, installation & commissioning of power, distribution, Transformers from 50kVA to 2500kVA and up to 36kV on the high voltage side and 3.6kV on the low voltage side are referred as distribution transformers. In the last step, they distribute the electrical energy to the consumers by feeding from the high voltage into the low voltage distribution network. These are designed either as liquid filled or as dry type transformers. All transformer of higher ratings is classified as power transformer.

    • Advanced design to withstand short circuit forces during fault.
    • Step-up and Step-down transformers manufactured
    • Low Loss and highly efficient
    • Pure copper conductor made in own plant to reduce load loss
    • Thermally upgraded insulation paper (Class A) results in long life of transformer
    • Excellent process of shrinkage and vacuum drying of coils resulting in a sturdy construction
    • Manufactured with prime CRGO using step-lap design for low losses
    • Thermal treatment of core in own annealing plant to reduce core loss
    • Less temperature rises of core
    • Low Magnetizing Current to save no-load electricity bills & capacitors for Transformer.
    • Inherent overloading capacity due to Low Loss, High power factor and less no-load current.
    • Lower PD (partial discharge) value
    • Lower sound level
    • Transformer tank is filled with oil under vacuum process. 
    • PSR or corrugated radiator
    • Leak proof, pressure, and vacuum tested as per standard
    • Self-protected, standard protective devices as per IEC standard
    • Online monitoring facility (on request)
    • Various ratings type tested